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Every one of Allen’s seminars is based on tips & techniques he gathers from his nationwide CYBERSTAR® networking group, agents who dominate their markets using today’s technology. In other words: “no theory….just what works in the field”!

Allen prefers giving his seminars in either 3 hour or all day formats.  If your group wants a shorter version, Allen will tailor a presentation to a shorter time frame, but you are urged to seriously consider a 3-hour format for two reasons:
  1. Past experience has shown that in every case where a 1 hour or 1½ hour session has been given, the overwhelming majority of the critiques called for "more time for this vital session."

  2. People don't leave during Allen's seminars!  He sustains attendees' interest for 3 hours or all day due to the nature of his material and his entertaining, upbeat presentation style!
  3. Whether you are new to real-estate investment or a seasoned pro a commercial property convention can offer you tips, strategies and systems that may seriously improve your odds of success.

    Conventions are an excellent spot to learn and network with pros, other backers and executives that offer complimentary services like counsels, brokers for example.

    Not all conventions are made equal, so be sure you are getting what paid for and using your time smartly. Some so called "seminars" are nothing apart from intricate selling spiels where a good marketing specialist trumps up his property figures and experience. Beware any convention where you are being hard sold, excessively inspired with a "get rich fast" system or ambitious guarantees. Let be the one to burst your bubble now. There aren't any quick and simple systems to making tons of cash. While commercial property can offer a great living and even passive revenue it means hard work, inclusive learning and diligence.

    If this is what's being sold, do yourself a favour and invest your cash at the poolside bar because you are not going to get much from this commercial property convention "guru". A good convention will supply you'll chances to learn express info from legitimized mavens. There will most probably be workshops and other interactive learning experiences where you can work through express issues that've been bedeviling you. While it isn't unusual for conventions to be held in relaxing and fun stimulating locales ensure you are getting your money's worth by attending the workshops, networking and absorbing all of that smashing commercial real-estate convention vibe your are able to.

    To bypass the duds and maximise the return on your revenue ensure you speak with folk who know what they are talking about. That suggests joining a local investment club and chatting to more seasoned people about conventions they have attended during the past or imminent ones that will seem promising. Can not find a local investment club? Well you are luck my pal, join updates and we will keep you current on all the latest conventions and events going on round the country. The best way of finding your way thru this jungle of info is to enroll the help of a trainer who will lead you. A good coach can mention an imminent commercial property convention you want to attend or past ones that were good and you ought to be on keep an eye out for.


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